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Bill Giragos (Current Board Member)

Bill, and his wife, Carol, have been Woodridge homeowners since 2002 and he has served on the Board since 2010.


     ◆    During his tenure, the Board has managed the HOA in the best interests of the community, without increasing dues, no special assessments and keeping reserves in a strong position, over 110%.


     ◆    He has served in various capacities over the years, with the most recent being HOA president. In 2016, he volunteered to oversee landscape activities, and with board approval, started a community beautification project. The result of his countless hours spent working with and guiding the landscape efforts are clearly reflected in the beauty of the front gate entry and the community as a whole.

He also worked diligently to perform much-needed upgrades to the irrigation system which resulted in lowering our monthly water expenses.


     ◆    Bill’s attention to detail, can be seen by the great looking and well-manicured Entry area.  He decided to run for re-election to continue promoting professional leadership, free of conflict.


     ◆    In his business career, spanning 45+ years, Bill has held various Information technology positions, including Chief Information Officer, in several large corporations. As a result, he has extensive systems and financial experience in for-profit and non-profit companies.


     ◆    He is a graduate of Pace University, New York.


     ◆    There is more work to be done, and if elected, he will continue to serve and protect our property values.


     ◆    Bill's bio was previously sent around to the homeowners. Bill did not write anything pejorative about any other homeowner that was running as he wanted to stay collegial. It has, however, come to Bill's attention that one homeowner is disparaging the current Board members who are presently running for the Board. This is unfortunate and that member’s accusations are unfounded and malicious. Bill hopes that the neighbors will look at our beautiful neighborhood, which was undertaken within budget and with contracts that were bid out, and realize that the person making these accusations is making them without underlying knowledge and correct information.





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