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Woodridge HOA's COVID-19 Response Meeting Via

We are sure that all HOA members are aware of Governor Newsom's Executive orders regarding COVID-19. In response thereto, the Woodridge HOA Board of Directors is putting together a plan to hold the Annual Meeting on 04/16/2020 at 6:30 pm via an online meeting application known as It is important that every homeowner cast their vote.  115 ballots are needed for a quorum. As of 03/23/2020, only 89 have been received. If you have misplaced your ballot and you need a new one please contact Dee at

On 03/24/2020, by a unanimous email vote of 5 for and 0 against, the Woodridge HOA Board has approved a motion that the 04/16/2020 Annual Meeting be held online using the Zoom online meeting application. The web address to the 04/16/2020 Annual Meeting, which will be held at 6:30 pm, will be provided to you prior to said Annual Meeting.


A lot of planning and work still needs to be accomplished, so keep in tune with this website.

In addition, the Woodridge HOA Board of Directors has changed the Post Orders used by the Front Gate personnel to require them to practice 6-foot social distancing. As a result, the Front Gate personnel will temporarily no longer be touching driver licenses and handing out passes to guests. This will help ensure that a possibly infected Front Gate personnel will not infect a guest, who in turn infects an HOA member and visa-versa. 

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